UP TO 100 copyAvid Auto Glass can replace your automobile windshield with a new high quality windshield  installed with Auto Glass used by the auto makers.
receive up to $100 off your deductible!

All you need to do is schedule an appointment to replace your Damaged Windshield through your insurance. We work with ALL insurance companies. You have the right to choose any shop with your insurance company. Choosing AVID AUTO GLASS will insure you that your vehicle windshield will be the same factory glass that is was originally installed with. We have been in business since 2005 and that should give you confidence that we will be here that in the future if you need to use your lifetime warranty on the manufacture or installation of your auto glass.


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Avid Auto Glass service technicians are trained to look at all your options with your insurance policy. We strive to save you money and get you the best deal, while installing the same quality glass your vehicle was manufactured with.


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The Truth About OEM Phoenix Auto Glass Parts



The windshield is a safety device part of your automobile and RV. Avid Auto Glass understands that our quality of work helps keep your family safe by providing correct techniques on all of our RV and auto glass repairs and replacements. There’s more to your windshield than being a mere piece of glass. It is your protection from the elements like the wind and rain. It is your shield from rocks, insects, dust, and flying debris. It stands between you and the continual barrage of harmful ultraviolet radiation. Engineered to act as a screen to keep unwanted external objects from inside the car, the windshield is also designed to optimize visibility for the driver. In roll-over accidents, it gives up to 30% support to your vehicle’s roof to keep it from collapsing easily.

When this highly integral component of your car’s safety equipment is chipped, cracked, broken, or in need of complete replacement, the protection vital to your security and peaceful driving is compromised. Damaged windshields can mean diminished optical quality that can lead to vehicular accidents.

Even numerous scratches and chips in a windshield can generate a glare that impairs driver vision far more than headlights can at night. As soon as you see a sign of weakness in the integrity of your windshield, waste no time. Make sure that you don’t settle for any service other than that which follows the highest standards for Avid Auto Glass windshield replacement. Restoring this essential aspect of your automobile’s safety system is an easy choice with us.


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You will receive up to  $100 off your deductible of windshield replacement. Offer only valid on insurance claim windshield replacement jobs. Offer NOT VALID on non-insurance windshield replacement CASH JOBS.