RV AG Silder

We use glass from original equipment manufacturers when replacing your windshield, so you receive the best quality glass possible. Our glass is as good or better then the original glass that was in your vehicle to begin with. You pay a lot for car insurance so why not make sure you receive the best possible glass? Your windshield is a vital part of the structural integrity of your vehicle. Make sure you choose a quality brand of glass. Your life could depend on it.

Dealer or factory glass can only be purchased through the dealership. It is usually marked up 2 or 3 times the price of a windshield that is from original equipment manufacturers. Many OEM auto glass manufacturers produce the glass for the automobile makers. An OEM auto glass manufacturer such as LOF/Pilkington, PPG, Mopar, Carlite, and Guardian may hold the original windshield template for the automobile producer. This means that the template used for manufacturing the windshield would fit perfectly. These auto glass OEM manufacturers will also use the “same original” template to make windshields for the public with their “own” insignia (Pilkington, Carlite, PPG, PGW, Guardian, Mopar). Dealer insignia glass can only be sold from the dealership. So this means the windshield is the same quality with a different insignia.

Now, an aftermarket piece of glass is a windshield that is manufactured to the exact manufacturer guidelines (same color, thickness) without the “original” factory template. The template specifications are recreated using a factory windshield through reverse engineering. This means that the template is recreated by the measurements of the windshield and not by the original template that the dealer manufactured supplied. This method produces the least expensive glass. Aftermarket generic windshields sometimes do not fit correctly and can leak or have bad distortions in the glass.